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– Sheridan Swotek,
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About us

BloomyEducation is a groundbreaking online Floral Creation Software program that offers a unique and engaging way to teach students about floral design and flowers.  It revolutionizes the way students learn about flowers and floral design.  With the Bloomy Education’s 3D flower technology, our floral design software program allows students to create virtual bouquets and arrangements online.  This hands-on activity provides the students an experience that is unmatched in the floriculture education environment. 

As a student BloomyEducation provides:

  • Transports students into a mesmerizing virtual world of flowers
  • Learning various flower varieties (over 3,000 varieties featured in BloomyEducation), scientific names, and characteristics.
  • Creating Stunning 3D Floral Design combinations in a realistic and interactive environment with a click of a mouse or a swipe of the fingertips on the computer screen
  • Experimentation with styles and colors in the floral world
  • Supported with first class tutorials and content from floral industry insiders
  • Nurtures the student’s creativity and passion for flowers and builds excitement like never before.

As a teacher – BloomyEducation resources:

  • Single Google Sign on for the teacher and for the students with one click ready start
  • Educational resources and Introductory lessons
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • Insightful Guides
  • Monitoring and Tracking students’ progress
  • Provide Valuable feedback
  • Facilitate discussions
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